Netflix’s push to make its own content has now bled over into the world of anime and one of these is AJIN: Demi-human. The basic premise of the show is that there are is a discovery of a group of people know as AJINS, beings that are not able to die, or better yet to stay dead. Whenever a said Ajin dies it regenerates its body to the state it was previous to death. If an arm gets cut off and an Ajin dies missing a limb, they will come back with said limb. This creates interesting action scenes that are the highlights of the show.

The large combat scenes are too few and far in between but when they are present it is fresh and dynamic. The only issue is the fight between the “black ghosts” the projections that some Ajins can create to fight for them. The very first combat scene with these is difficult to keep up with due to the fact that they were dark figures in a dark room. I don’t know where they can go with these fight scenes next season, but to me it was pretty lackluster.

The characters are also not much to write home about. Mr. Sato is by far the best character in the entire show and his true intentions don’t really even make any sense. The main character we are supposed to care about takes a break for the second half of the season and you are basically spent marveling over Mr. Sato’s plot to “save” Ajins from their government imprisonment.

Anime is a genre that I have a mixed relationship about but this is definitely a show that is easy to pick up and does not have some of the tropes that I find annoying within the genre. If you’re interested in the idea of the show I recommend you check it out.

I’m going to give the show a 6.8~7.3/10.


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