So You Marched Today

So you marched today. You donned your pink knitted hats and drove to a nearby city or made the trek all the way to DC. You stood in the cold, maybe it was your one hundredth march or your first, but you were still there. You spent the previous night coming up with signs that you carried all day, your voice now sore from shouting.

Now your home, maybe it’s been a couple days and you just got home. You’re tired, you’re hungry, but you still have a burning inside. The inner desire to make things better, to see a country you can be proud to give to your children and their children. Where they do not have to face the same prejudice you or your parent’s faced.

But change never comes quickly, or else it would be lost just as fast. No. Change comes from the blood, sweat, and tears of patriots; those who love their country so much they recognize its flaws and work on improvements, no matter the price of time it will take.

Some may have taken that first step to patriotism today, some may have been doing it their entire life, but from today forward we all recognize this is not the end. This can be the beginning of something bigger, a movement for change, for bettering the country we all call home.

But the dream of an optimistic future rely on the ever-persistent present. A march is good but organizing is better. Talking to people in your community and getting them involved is hard, but it’s what has gotten this march in the first place, and if it can bring this many people together, it can continue to bring change.

So you marched today, you made history, but today is over. Tomorrow we organize. We grab our clipboards, comfortable shoes, and a bottle of water and hit the pavement. It is not glamorous, but in a week or a year or a decade you will look back and realize how much you were capable of and how much more work we all still have left to do.